加州最新rental control法规

Last Tuesday, Gov. Newsom signed a dozen real estate related bills into law to address the state’s rising housing crisis. Most notable is AB 1482, which caps rent increases at 5% a year for nonexempt tenancies and bans no-cause evictions. Along with the “rent cap” bill, the Governor also passed SB 329 (where landlords can only refuse Section 8 tenants on lawful grounds), SB 1110 (requiring 90-Day Notice for any rent increases above 10%) and several bills eliminating barriers to building Accessory Dwelling Units (“ADUs”).

Statewide Rent Control and Just Cause Eviction

The major provisions of AB 1482 include:

  1. Rent Cap – The annual rent increase is capped at 5% plus inflation. In no event can the total increase with inflation exceed 10% per year. The rent cap would retroactively apply to all rent increases occurring on or after March 15, 2019, but it will include a safe harbor for landlords who charge and collect rent outside these limitations prior to January 1, 2020.
  2. Just Cause Eviction – The bill would prohibit an owner of non-exempt property from terminating a tenancy without “just cause” after the tenant has continuously and lawfully occupied the property for 12 months. Essentially, a “just cause” eviction would stem from a scenario where the tenant breached the rental agreement, or became a nuisance, giving cause for removal. The law would leave open the opportunity for a landlord to evict a tenant in the limited case where the landlord 1) planned to move into the property, 2) sell the property to someone who intends to live there, or 3) substantially remodels the property so that tenancy during construction is impossible. These “No fault” terminations will require the landlord to pay one month’s rent in relocation assistance.
  3. Exemptions – Certain types of housing are exempt including:
  • Single family homes and condos where the owner is not a real estate trust, corporation, or LLC owned wholly or in part by a corporation;
  • Homes built within the last 15 years;
  • Owner-occupied duplexes; or
  • Owner-occupied single-family homes where two or fewer rooms are rented out (these properties are exempt from the “just cause” eviction provision but not rent cap)

Please see our Consigliere: Statewide Rent Control Passed by California Legislature for more details.

Landlords Cannot Refuse Tenants Based on Tenant’s Participation in Section 8 Program

Under SB 329, it would be illegal to deny tenancy based on a tenant’s participation in the federal housing choice voucher program. Under previous law, it was illegal to discriminate against tenants based on source of income. The new bill expands the definition of source of income to include housing subsidies paid by the government. Note that landlords remain free to reject prospective tenants, provided they do so on lawful grounds unrelated to the tenant’s receipt of a government subsidy.

For more information, please refer to SB 329.

90-Day Notice Required for Rent Increase Above 10%

Under AB 1110, the notice period for raising rent above 10% in any 12-month period for month-to-month tenancies is extended from 60 days to 90 days. However, if the property is a non-exempt property under AB 1482, the rent increase cannot be more than 5% and the total cost after inflation cannot exceed 10%.

For more information, please refer to AB 1110.

Statewide Accessory Dwelling Unit allowance to Single Family Dwelling

Under AB 68 & 69, the ministerial approval for constructing ADUs are simplified and the timeline is shortened to 60 days. Also, homeowners who apply to build ADUs can also apply to build a second junior ADU to their property.

Under AB 881, the owner-occupancy restriction for ADUs is eliminated.

Lastly under SB 13, ADU development impact fees from local agencies are exempted for ADUs smaller than 750 square feet and are limited for other larger ADUs. The bill also prohibits local agencies from requiring replacement of parking spaces if a garage or carport is converted into an ADU.


Raymond于2003年进⼊房地产⾏业,拥有多年房屋买卖、flipping、投资等丰富经验。对湾区市场的深⼊了解,房产交易各环节的专业知识、经验、技巧和策略,和尽⼼尽责帮客户利益最⼤化的服务为Raymond赢得了2019年全美最佳Realtor称号(www.realtrends.com)。Raymond在过去12个⽉中服务了30多个家庭,帮助他们实现买房卖房的需求,并得到积极反馈和好评。Professionlisam, Integrity and Premium Services是Raymond给客户的承诺和和对⾃⼰的职业标准要求。

电话联系Raymond: 650-788-9235

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Off Market Saratoga Single Family house

Don’t miss this Great opportunity for your client – Off market “Saratoga Single Family House”!

4 Bedrooms, 2.5 Baths, 1999 Square Feet, 12462 SF, Build in 1964

Located at Plymouth Drive, Saratoga !

One-Story Ranch Style Single Family Home.

Great  Saratoga Schools

the house has new roof, new kitchen, new interior /exterior paint, new garage door

priced at around 2.6 million dollars.



Raymond于2003年进⼊房地产⾏业,拥有多年房屋买卖、flipping、投资等丰富经验。对湾区市场的深⼊了解,房产交易各环节的专业知识、经验、技巧和策略,和尽⼼尽责帮客户利益最⼤化的服务为Raymond赢得了2019年全美最佳Realtor称号(www.realtrends.com)。Raymond在过去12个⽉中服务了30多个家庭,帮助他们实现买房卖房的需求,并得到积极反馈和好评。Professionlisam, Integrity and Premium Services是Raymond给客户的承诺和和对⾃⼰的职业标准要求。

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OFF Market in Belmont

City: Belmont
Price: $1,850,000
Listing Type: Single-Family
Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 2
Address:  North Court
Expected on MLS: Unknown/Never

One level home offers 3 bedrooms, plus a family room that can easily be used as a fourth bedroom! This home offers a bright open floor plan, multiple outdoor areas, a detached 2 car garage, gardening space and a childrens play structure.Owner prefers to sell off market–photos are from previous sale.
Please call or text Raymond at 650-788-9235 with any questions.
Note: Raymond is not the listing agent of this property.


Raymond于2003年进⼊房地产⾏业,拥有多年房屋买卖、flipping、投资等丰富经验。对湾区市场的深⼊了解,房产交易各环节的专业知识、经验、技巧和策略,和尽⼼尽责帮客户利益最⼤化的服务为Raymond赢得了2019年全美最佳Realtor称号(www.realtrends.com)。Raymond在过去12个⽉中服务了30多个家庭,帮助他们实现买房卖房的需求,并得到积极反馈和好评。Professionlisam, Integrity and Premium Services是Raymond给客户的承诺和和对⾃⼰的职业标准要求。

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Palo Alto房市简介

Palo alto区分的很细,总共有十一二个。看下图:

下图是今年year to date(Nov. 2017) palo alto所有区的独立屋售价的中位价和平均价格:

从北到南三条主街:university, oregon, charleston. 可以说是越往上区越好越贵。university ave附近一定是好区。 oregon expressway 以西是传统好区,包括old palo alto, crescent park, downtown pa, community center, professorville。学校是palo alto high.

old palo alto和crescent park是palo alto皇冠上的明珠。 old palo alto现在随便就是起价500万。是palo alto起家的地方,房子相对较旧。crescent park现在市场上的房子起价都是700万以上,还有一个1700万的在卖。排名第三的区professorville, 顾名思义,买在那里,搞不好邻居都是stanford教授。价格也是排在palo alto所有区域的前列。这几个区家家户户的房子都长得不一样,很unique, 很漂亮。

Crescent park

Old Palo alto


stanford 南边有一小块区域叫college Terrace, 这个区的特点是地小,出来的房子也少。但是紧挨着stanford,所以很好出租。

如果想上palo alto high, 但是想找价格相对划算一点的房子,可以看green garbles的房子。另外midtown北半边,和south palo alto北边一小块地方也是上palo alto high的。但是价格比oregon以西的房子便宜不少,也是一个很不错的选择。基本上loma verde以西是palo alto high, 以东是gunn high。 下图是midtown和south palo alto但是是上palo alto high的区:

Midtown北部和south pa北部 Palo Alto high区域:

国内来的土豪现在的趋势是最差的也要买在community center往南,在university附近,他们喜欢热闹,集中在websterer, waverley, cowper, bryant这几条街。一般最往南就到bryant, 再往南就是alma和caltrain了,比较吵。这几条街从downtown一直延伸到midtown上经常会碰到中国人。

如果想上Gunn high, midtown是首选,也是原来华人在palo alto买房的首选,因为华人以前喜欢上Gunn, 现在的趋势变成很多华人想去paly(palo alto high)。 上Gunn其次的选择是barron park, green acres和south palo alto, 这三个区可以一起做comp。在barron park和green acres 买房小学中学高中离家都会很近,送小孩上学很方便。不过barron park以los robles ave为界, 西边小学比较差,东边小学比较好。



Midtown和barron park中间加着的是ventura。从价格图中也可以看出来是palo alto最便宜的区。主要是因为夹在两条主路中间,el camino real和alma, 并且alma旁边就是caltrain铁路。如果以后改成高铁,会比较吵。这个区路也 比较窄,不好停车。

欲了解更多关于Palo Alto买房的详细市场信息,请联系Palo Alto local地产经纪:Raymond Ni

Intero Real Estate Services

联系电话: 650-382-2937


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Pre-Market: Completely Upgraded “Like New” Palo Alto 3b/2b Condo for Sale

AskingPrice: $1,498,000.


  • Address: 4157 El Camino Way,  Palo Alto, CA, 94306

  • Bed rooms: 3

  • Bath rooms: 2

  • Living space: 1399sf

  • Type: Condominium

  • Built year: 1987

  • Parking: 2 assigned spaces in parking garage, additional unassigned parking

  • Schools: Juana Brionis Elem. Fletcher Middle, Gunn High

  • HOA: $675/mo, including hot water, common area maintenance, garbage,sewer, exterior insurance


  • Completely upgraded in recent 5 years

  • Largest unit in complex

  • Top Floor, End Unit

  • Cathedral ceiling, abundant natural lights

  • In unit washer and dryer

  • Hardwood floor in two bedrooms, hallway and kitchen

  • Highest quality wool carpet in living room and one bedroom

  • Wine fridge

Recent nearby sold condo comps

Subject home:  4157 El Camino Way, Palo Alto, 3b/2b, 1399sf, 3931sf lot


  • 4152 Thain Way, Palo Alto, condo, 2b/2b, 1541sf, HOA: $820/mo, sold for $1.652m+ on 5/13

  • 440 Cesano Court Unit#209, 2b/2b, 1480sf, sold for $1.25m, but it’s not Palo Alto school disctrict

  • 406 Pepper Avenue, Palo Alto 94306: 2b/2.5b, 1284sf, sold for $1.5m on 4/08

  • 765 San Antonio Road,#52, 2b/2b, 1030sf, sold for $1.285m on 05/03, $1,247/sf

  • 455 Grant Avenue Unit#14, 3b/2b, 1362sf, sold for $1.5m, sold on 3/22

  • 439 College Avenue, Palo Alto 94306: 2b/2.5b, 1252sf,  sold for $1.375m, $1098/sf, For this $/sf, this home’s value is at $1.536m

  • 3069 Middlefield Road,#203, Palo Alto 94306: 2b/2b, 1332sf, sold on 4/05 for $1.56m

Past 3 months sold condo statistics in Palo Alto

Contact Listing Agent for more info:
Raymond Ni
wechat: rainman4636




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Raymond Ni



wechat: rainman4636


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Palo Alto 公立小学简介

-by Raymond Ni – Top 1% realtor

*Ranking based on niche.com2019 best school report

El Carmelo Elementary(#1 best public elem. school in CA)
位于Midtown, 华人最爱。 小学加州排名第一。 亚裔36%, 白人33%, 西裔14.5%。学生学习成绩优异,学校提供安全、相互帮助的氛围。强调培养学生自爱、价值观、理解他人 、学业、社交和情商培养。


Duveneck Elementary(#2 in CA)
位于Green Gables社区。 白人39%,亚裔34%,比较平均。 学校注重培养知识,智力,社交和个人成长。 学校氛围开放包容不同文化和背景。


Walter Hays Elementary(#3 in CA)
这个学校在Community Center社区(Palo Alto好区之一)。 白人44%, 亚裔28%。 师资质量高,教学方式丰富多彩。强调个体独立性,针对不同小朋友因材施教。


Juana Briones Elementary(#4 in CA)
位于Green Acres社区。白人37%,亚裔36%,比较平均。学校氛围热情包容。学校和社区积极合作按成人的标准从小培养小朋友的责任心和忍受克服困难和逆境的精神和毅力。


Fairmeadow Elementary(#5 in CA)
Located behind beautiful Mitchell Park。学校着重强调培养学生创新能力,氛围多元化,并鼓励学生开发他们最大潜能。


Herbert Hoover (#6 in CA)
抽签学校。强调academic。很多华人家长喜欢送这里。 Asian 67.1%, white: 9.2%. others: 13%. 学校位于Mitchelle park旁边,紧挨着Challenger、Fairmeadow小学和JLS中学。


Ohlone(#7 in CA)
另一个抽签学校。 中文沉浸学校。 混班制,一二年级一起上课,三四年级一起,五六年级一起,大带小,感觉老师省事儿不少。 虽然是中文沉浸是教学,但是不是那么强调学业考试,亚裔比例不如Hoover那么多, 亚裔32%, 白人41%。 很多白人送娃去学中文。小扎也是送他娃到这个学校。学校核心理念是独立思考能力,时间管理,民主价值, 创新性,公民和社区价值。反正就是白人着重教育那一套。


Lucille Nixon (#8 in CA)
在Stanford旁边,主要招收Stanford及附近生源。 白人41%, 亚裔31.5%. 国际背景学生多,可能跟在在stanford工作的家长有关,世界各地的人都有。 强调文化融合、love of learning、毅力和遇到困难不屈不挠的精神。


Palo Verde (#9 in CA)
亚裔40%, 白人37.5%。 周围居民亚裔不要太多, 附近小公园都是华人爷爷奶奶辈在遛娃,一点都不寂寞。 学校核心价值在培养小朋友合作,积极,互相帮助支持的精神,培养领导力,责任心,解决问题的能力,为以后能成为社区优秀分子做好铺垫。


Addison (#10 in CA)
白人50%, 亚裔20%。 位于Professorville社区, 看这名字, 就知道这个社区以前估计住了很多教授。 这个区的房子不大,地也不大。 现在standford旁边的另一个社区College Terrance那里也是lot小小的,3000多尺。这个学校注重教室内外学习结合。


Escondido(#11 in CA)
这个学校值得说一说。 Niche.com排名加州第11名,位于Stanford大学边上。按道理来说是一个很好的小学,但是Great School只给她7分。 为啥,因为现在加州要政治正确,要平权,这个学校由于是Spanish Immersion, 所以周围说西班牙语的劳模都去那儿上学。白人40%, 劳模28%, 亚裔18%。 劳模小朋友秉承了劳模父母天性乐观吃吃喝喝听听音乐的laid back天性,对学业也是佛性,成绩自然不好。 但是好学校吧,他没有给学习跟不上的学生专门设置特别课程,而这一点的权重17年以后又大幅增加,导致原来很好的学校排名莫名其妙下降很多。 但是这个学校其实很好,大部分Stanford教授的小孩来这里上学。下图是各种族成绩:


Barron Park(#89 in CA)
Barron Park小学也是一样, 因为劳模小朋友很多,导致学校排名下降。 白人36%, 西裔33%, 亚裔16%。 为啥那边劳模这么多呢? 因为那附近有一个比较集中的mobile home park, 那里面住的劳模的小朋友正好都去Barron Park小学上学。 那附近的房价会不会因此就比较低呢,不会,那个区还是很好,房价还是挺高。下图是劳模mobile park位置。

值得注意的是Palo Alto有个社区也叫Barron Park, 但并不是所有Barron Park社区的孩子都上Barron Park小学。以Los Robles Ave为分界线,左边的上Barron Park小学,右边的上Juana Briones 小学(#4 in CA)。见下图红线。所以大家在乎小学的家长买房的时候要注意了,一街之隔,天壤之别。


也欢迎有意在Palo Alto置房的朋友联系咨询。Raymond作为Palo Alto local居民会帮您快速了解并熟悉各个区域优缺点和市场情况,帮您做出购房最佳选择。

Email: rni@intero.com


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